Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Writing Contest Third Place: Days of Me - Rachel Broom

Ali Lloyd

Days of Me
Rachel Broom

When people say they miss me,
I think how much I miss me too,
Me, the old me, the perfect me,
Lover of no cares, living my dreams,
Happy me, the good me, kind
To elderly people who never get visitors, enthusiastic
Person and encourager,
Proud me, satisfied and confident
After performing magnificently
On the piano at my recital,
Swift me, after getting my best time when running the mile,
Leader of the group
Who knows the way, helping
The ones who have fallen behind,
Excited me, winner of first place in literature,
Cleaner and random job
Girl, only for the summer,
Organizer of many brothers’ closets,
Personal tutor, fresh new markers,
Smarty at writing similes and metaphors
That captures images, a writer,
Me on a boat in the summer,
Seeing how far I can lean over the edge.

That’s me in my room crying,
Trying to hide my emotions, a failure, and no one,
Becoming unnoticed, it’s a struggle to be invisible,
My mind struggles to be in the
Spotlight, always lurking in the shadows,
Poignant me, with no positive attitude,
Eager welcomer of praises,
Cleaning lady, babysitter, my mom’s
Cookbook editor, a lost soul,
Discourager at my door, dweller on
Bad memories, supporter of friends’
Troubles, Thinker of misery, Comforter
To the weak and unfortunate, Listener
To an unhappy heart, Maker of
A small idea,
Great contenter with what is
At my finger tips and never asking
For more than what can be afforded,
Hoper of future miracles,
World gawker, apprehender
Of the frameless door.

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