Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adventures of Gratt and Cheeto - Emily Hawkins

Rachel Rogers

Adventures of Gratt and Cheeto
Emily Hawkins

Gratt (Matt and Griff) is a flavor blasted gold-fish, he lives in a bag. One day Gratt was sitting, pondering his life, looking around for inspiration as he wrote up his poem for class, when out of nowhere a very imposing, annoying gold fish, Cheeto, came up to him smiling crazily. Gratt tried to ignore her, but as she persisted on talking to him, he had nothing better to do then turn to her and try to get her to leave. "Hi" said Cheeto with a smirk on her face that would have scared away any other person, but at the moment Gratt was just trying to understand why this fish was bothering Him, of all people. "Um, hi?" he said trying to sound cold, "what do you want?" "Will you be my friend?" said cheeto with a crazy look on her face as she sat down on the chair beside him and waited for his reply. Trying, at all costs to get her to leave him alone he answered, "sure, but i have to get this done so could we maybe be friends later? somwhere else?" Without hesitation Chetto replied, "sure" and raced away. In amazement and sudden releif Gratt turned back to his notes, picked up his pencil, and resumed the poem.

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