Monday, May 17, 2010

Worth the Wait - Breanna Tucker

Rachel Rogers

Worth the Wait
Breanna Tucker

A spike of cold, a nest of pain
A million thoughts run through my brain
The feelings that I have feel wrong
But when I look they’re still not gone
I try and try but nothing works
They stay, they grow! That’s even worse
I need to let them go right now
My heart still clings to him somehow
He’s broken it, and not just once
And yet my heart, it’s such a dunce,
It loves him more and swells with joy
And when he smiles it sees no ploy
It thumps and stutters, how can I
Deny it, it’s my soul! It cries
I need him with me, night and day
And maybe just along the way
I’ll be with him and can’t deny
There is none happier than I

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