Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Found a Piece of Silence - Rachel Wainwright

Zancy Pashley

I Found a Piece of Silence
Rachel Wainwright

I found a piece of silence
Glistening in the mumbled night,
And heedless of sharp edges
I blindly clung on tight.
I waited in the stillness
To think of things to say
I waited half a decade,
You waited half a day.
Before you starting chatting
With anyone around
While I stood on in silence
Just waiting for a sound.
No sounds could find my lips,
No sound could touch my tongue,
And soon the sound of silence
Began to have no sound.
I hadn’t moved an inch
But I managed still to fall
And drop that piece of silence
I’d been saving through it all.
And all the glittering things
I could have thought to say
All the things I could have said
To blow your breath away
Shone fleetingly in darkness
As it tumbled to the ground
Before it smashed away to dust
And shattered without sound.
So with cut hands
And an empty throat
We numbly walked away,
And one soft whisper slivered out
Between my lips of clay.

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