Thursday, May 13, 2010

Light Bulb - Bailey Schmutz

Tony Hsieh

Light Bulb
Bailey Schmutz

Every morning I awake, and every
morning I look around to help and guide
those who I touch. Sometimes during the day
I will take a break, and rest for a while, until I am
summoned again to do what I do best. Sometimes,
I am lonely in my job. Other times, there are many
people around, and every seems to require my
company. Then every night, I go to sleep, waiting
for the next day when I will be needed again.
My life goes on like this for some time. But
sadly, I will eventually grow old and
weary, and will not be able
to carry out my responsibility
any more, and will be
replaced by another
One, who is young,
and spry. No one
will want to be
around me

No one
will care about me.
Everyone will be spending
their time with the new guy.
Oh, the life
of a light bulb.

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