Thursday, May 13, 2010

Petrarchan Sonnet - Andrew Applegate

Matt Billingsley

Petrarchan Sonnet
Andrew Applegate

The bright summer sun has faded away,
As memories flit like shadows in the cold dawn.
My heart listens to their sound as snow falls on.
The beach, the sand, the feel of ocean spray,
The sweet smell of fresh lilies pass my way.
Looking out the dark window past the curtain drawn.
I hear her soft melody but know that she’s gone.
The song of memories fills my soul today.
But alas! You are gone now across the sea,
And we must forget our summer love.
No longer am I the message, nor you the dove.
Forgetting is painful, but remembering hurts more.
For the good of both we must forget you and me.
And let your love wash quietly away on the shore.

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