Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Victorious - Derick Fox

William Beadle

Derick Fox

A talented musician
Blondes that have red hair
Crazy girls who want to hurt me
Dudes that walk around with puppets
Even the teachers are a little crazy
First day here I made a girl angry
Geez, I just spilt coffee on her boyfriend
Hollywood Arts is a crazy school
I never would’ve dreamed I’d be here
Just because my sister couldn’t perform
Kind of glad she couldn’t I wouldn’t be here if she could
Lesson learned:
Make it Shine
Never just go into it not trying your best
Over the top is what you have to aim for
Passion takes you were you want to be
Quitting is for those who can’t
Reaching goals is for those who can
Stay with it and you will achieve
Take it from me
Unextraordinary me
Victory is what I am for
What I strive to achieve
X-ing out the negative
Yearning to be the best I can be
Zero people will stand in my way

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