Thursday, May 13, 2010

Umbrella - Katie Sexton

Carson Hawkes

Katie Sexton

I have an umbrella in my car the next time it rained
and it is the blackest thing I reached for my umbrella
and it is the smallest thing nothing was amiss
until I opened it
one day it rained
so I grasped the hilt and found one of the arms had been broken
and opened it and I know that this shouldn’t have
and my umbrella kept me dry bothered me so much
because my umbrella still works just fine
the pitter-patter I mean to say it still keeps me dry when it rains
drip-drop but I can’t help thinking about my umbrella
splish-splash on the pavement from time to time
was a harsher pitter-patter I wonder if he loves the sunny days
drip-drop when he can bask in the sun
splish-splash from the passenger seat
than the pitter-drip-splish or if he loves the rainy days
I heard from underneath when he goes to work
my umbrella or if he’s just happy
that he still works
and when I looked up at the sky or if he’s every sad
the gray contrasted sharply with that he’s broken
the black of my umbrella

and the air was cold I guess I’ll never know
but I was warm
under my umbrella can broken-winged birds fly?

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