Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heartache - Josh Brimhall

Mary Leloudis

Josh Brimhall

Have you ever had a pain inside of you? Something there you’re not sure why it is there, nor how exactly it got there, although you have some idea. A sharp agony, not on the outside, but deep in the caverns on your soul, then expanding outward through the rest of the body, particularly coming from your chest, maybe your heart. Your body loses its strength and a deep cold feeling fills your insides, making the only thing to do is lay on your bed or couch, feeling like you could cry. It comes and goes a little bit, then abruptly leaves, but only for a while until it suddenly appears again as quickly as it left, sometimes piercing even harder. No matter how many psychological defenses you use to take away the repetitive hammering that this misery has caused you to inflict upon yourself, there seems to be no cure. I think this is something that comes from that thing called true love. Not the fake stuff, or else there would be no way it couldn’t hurt that badly. Many have sung about it-that painful feeling- too many talk about it falsely, others have made up metaphors or quotes trying to explain it, but the true feeling cannot be written in words or explained fully; the only way to know what it really is, is by experiencing it yourself.

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