Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Aftermath - Derrick Fox

Brandon Henderson

The Aftermath
Derrick Fox

Joseph woke up to searing pain in his head. The light of the sun beaming through the window didn't help at all either. Slowly, holding his head with his hand, he sat up on the couch. He sat normally, resting his head in his hands, trying to wake himself up. He put his hands down on either side of him so he can lift himself up, but he had placed his left hand into a wet spot on the couch. Quickly he removed it and stood up, what had he just touched? Joseph stumbled around and slowly made his way to the window, but the closer he got, the more the sun got directly in his eyes and the more it hurt. As fast as he could he closed the blinds and finally opened his eyes to the point where he could actually see. "What the hell happened?" His eyes adjusted to the new lighting of the room, and he didn't like what he saw. Plastic cups were scattered all around on the floor, shelves, and the coffee table. Every where you looked there was half eaten food, some of it even left a trail where they slid down the wall. The lamp that his sister had given him as a house warming gift was destroyed into hundreds of pieces of a corner, and on the otherside of the room there was a black scorch mark. And that was just the living room, who knew what the other rooms looked like? Joseph let out a very frustrated sigh, "The price of having party."

At this point he couldn't even remember why they threw the party, but it didn't really matter. Right now he had to worry about getting his house looking presentable again. At that moment he heard clattering and stumbling as someone was trying to get up the stairs. He grimaced as the noise sent a throbbing pain through his head. Two people emerged from the basement, one a guy and the other a girl. The girl wasn't wearing any pants and her hair was a mess, the guy, whose hair was also a mess, wasn't wearing a shirt. "Hey man, thanks for the invite to that wicked party last night! That homemade flamethrower was just awesome!" The girl just nodded in agreement and then added, "and if you find my pants, would you mind bringing them over to my place? Thanks." She just smiled and signaled for the guy to follow her so they could leave. Joseph just shook his head, a homemade flamethrower? He let out yet another frustrated sigh and got to work on cleaning, after taking some aspirin and getting a cup of coffee.

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