Monday, May 17, 2010

Imagine - Audrey Fowler

Dane Morgan

Audrey Fowler

Imagine . . .

The word shimmers like a calm, cool pool;
Dark, mysterious, and yet it
Glistens with light and color.
Beauty that leaves me breathless

Thrumming with magic,
It quivers with anticipation.
Heedless of the world’s cares,
It beckons to a delicious escape.

Imagine . . .

The mists of time and space roll back,
And I find myself in the blank arena of my mind,
Like an artist’s canvas
Waiting for the first stroke of pigment.

It captures my moods my feelings,
The secret songs of my soul.
Colors, yet uninvented,
Are splashed upon the page.

Imagine . . .

Here, I am the artist,
With brush in hand.
Under my eager fingers
People, places, friends come to life.

My treasure, a glorious gift,
Where will it take me?
I’m not sure.
But I can just

Imagine . . .

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