Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Callowmen Part I: First Night - Derrick Fox

Jordan Yazzie

Callowmen Part I: First Night
Derrick Fox

"This is it kid, this is your shot at the big time. Don't screw it up. Be ready by 6:50." Shawn checked his watch: 6:20. Very short notice. Shawn shook the hand of his boss and left the office. His heart was pounding and his whole body was shaking. As he walked to the locker room, co-workers patted him on the back telling him good luck. Each time Shawn responded with a weak nervous smile. Halfway to the locker room, an older man stepped in front of Shawn, held out his hand and said, "Good luck Shawn, I'll be watching you closely." Shawn gave another nervous smile, shook his hand, and said his thanks. A veteran, his hero Silus Archer no less, would be watching him. Had he shown that much promise?

He made it to the locker room and took a quick shower. As soon as he stepped out he looked at his watch one more time: 6:40. He dried off, pulled on his plain black trunks, followed by his knee pads, and then laced up his boots. He picked up his ring and whispered, "This is for you." Shawn kissed the ring before putting it into his bag and leaving the locker room. He quickly found the man that he would be working with by the curtain where they would enter. "You ready?" Tyson said when he noticed Shawn. He spoke with such ease, but he was a veteran. Tyson laughed when he saw how nervous Shawn was, "Don't worry you will do fine. We go out at 7:15, so let's talk about this." The both of them sat down and talked about what exactly they would be doing that night. Finally music familiar to only Shawn played loudly throughout the halls and the arena, "I guess that's you, kid. Let's do this." Shawn stood up and took in a deep breath. He slowly let it go before stepping through the curtain letting the lights and sounds of the arena engulf him.

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