Thursday, May 13, 2010

Conquering of Mankind - Kate Kuykendall

Stephen Spencer

Conquering of Mankind
Kate Kuykendall

Why bother with these awful scummy things?
They always seem to make the biggest mess,
Of course disguise of innocence: success.
And we of weakened state and mind start failing.

How can we see the creatures as a blessing?
Good grief, their endless woes may cause distress.
These thins I know will tease and we obsess.
Is there a way for us, ourselves to think?

Let us now take these things to heart and mind!
For girls all over, we will conquer mankind.
And all you do? Ignore the angry male.
This is the only way we may prevail.
Oh wait, they still are acting nonchalant?
Sigh, guess we’ll always be the ones that want.

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