Monday, May 17, 2010

One-Winged Dark Angel - Andrew Peters

Clint Irwin

One-Winged Dark Angel
Andrew Peters

The single black wing that rises out from behind his right shoulder. Shaped like the wing of an angel, but dark as the night. One beating black wing that allows him to glide through the air with ease. He hovers above all the insignificant people he wants to destroy. He is more powerful than the rest, and he knows it. He is not what you would think of when you hear someone talk about the wing of an angel. His long, silver hair is pushed off to the side to make room for the giant wing. You are nearly pushed flat on your back when he pushes off the ground using all the power of his wing. Once he has taken off, you can never catch him. Nobody has ever tried.

He brings darkness with him wherever he goes. You have to rely on all of your other senses to find where he is. You drown in your own fear, and open your eyes as wide as they will go to try to see, but it does you no good. You swing your sword madly around to try to injure your opponent, but he is way too fast for you to even get close. You get frustrated in almost no time, give up all hope, and fall to the ground accepting your fate.

He is not your typical angel He is a fallen angel, one who has lost his way, one who has become corrupted by the evils of the world and those who created him. The truth of his creation has driven him insane. He blames the whole world for the evil that created him, and he will not stop until he feels justice has been served, and every living thing on the planet has been destroyed. His plan is too good, and he is too powerful to stop. Meteor will destroy the planet, and nobody can stop it.

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