Monday, May 17, 2010

Twenty Lines of Acrostic Poetry - Madison Fowler

Ali Lloyd

Twenty Lines of Acrostic Poetry
Madison Fowler

Whistling relentlessly through the nooks and crannies
In my house.
Never tired of its teasing games, it
Drones constantly in my ears

Brilliant baubles of polished splendor, each with its own
Unique swirls of soap. The sunlight
Bends as it passes through these small wonders, creating
Breathtaking rainbows that scurry and flee.
Lifting off my wand, they
Each rise higher and higher, until they burst and
Send their broken fragments back down to earth.

Murky darkness hides the land as its
Inhabitants slumber and
Dream. An eerie silence settles as
Nocturnal creatures pass unnoticed.
It is a time shrouded in mystery and shadows
Growing darker as the fog rolls in. What beasts
Hide in this ebony black covering? Who knows?
Time will tell.

Craving sunlight they lazily snooze absorbing
the warmth.
Aloof to strangers, they arch their backs and
stately walk away.
Trees they conquer, canines they tease, loving
hands caress them,
Such bliss. . .

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