Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Lover - Andrew Applegate

Casey Bingham

Great Lover
Andrew Applegate

These I have loved;
Soft snow silently pattering on the ground;
Morning mist smelling of pine and fir;
The taste of strawberry ice cream caressing my taste buds;
Sunlight shadows falling across my sweat soaked brow,
As the smell of fish wafts off the sea port;
The warmth of a coat at a winter ski resort;
The setting of the sun amidst a world of sorrow,
Signaling the death of day and the birth of night;
The windswept rain shaking my house with its fiery drumming,
As the clouds storm against the heavens above;
The recoil of a rifle against my shoulder,
As I taste burnt gunpowder in the blood soaked air;
The unrelenting dance of Tcharovskeys Tarantella,
As my fingers fly over the keys;
All these have been my love.

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