Monday, May 17, 2010

Faces of Life - Sharlene Meono

Stephen Spencer

Faces of Life
Sharlene Meono

Wherever you go and whatever you see,
There are faces always staring at you.
On posters, billboards and even on TV,
At the ocean, the park, or maybe the zoo?

Some are more human with a nose and some eyes,
Others are like monsters or something else we despise.
Most are unanimated in which few can tell,
Made up of windows, walls, or a doorbell.

Faces can even be seen in clouds way up high,
In the back of a truck, on the front of a train.
Found in the stars that shine in an evening sky,
From the drops of dew that form on a windowpane.

It matters not where these faces arise,
The message they bring is where true meaning lies.
So be careful of the things that you do,
Because somebody is always watching you.

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