Thursday, May 13, 2010

As A Butterfly - Aisley Oliphant

Wei Wen Chen

As a Butterfly
Aisley Oliphant

A butterfly is a delicate creature,

Though strong and free.

She flies through any skies

Without a care to care for.

Happiness and peace are painted

On her wings, and light, pure light

Is reflected in rainbow beams

Across the midday sun.

She’s hard to catch,

That crafty lady, and so aloof!

She soars where nothing can touch

But cool skies and genteel

Thermal caresses.

I am as the butterfly.

Nothing can hold me down

No matter the strength or tie.

I have mastery of all

Happiness there is to store.

I flit and sip from joy immense,

A golden nectar fit to share.

I can soar above the cares

Of the sorrows below,

And not only this but carry

Sunshine in my wings, to those

Who need the hope.

The skies I claim are that of

Self-created joy, of which

None but I may touch.

I started small, hairy and untamed,

Though in time, I did bloom,

A self made butterfly,

Which glide on painted wings

Filled with the joy I long to share.

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