Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Close Your Eyes - Matt Hatch

Angie Hansen

Close Your Eyes
Matt Hatch

There are no flowery fields of flagrance and bliss
Just a giant pile of rot and filth
and we're all covered in it.
we call those "flower moments" the one where we stand up from the filth,
close our eyes,
and forget
just for that time, that we're standing in mess.
It won't last long.
It can't.
You can't fully fool you senses
Even the happiest man who's every thought is pure
knows in the back of his mind that something is wrong.
So lie back down in the muck
squirm and cry and whine for help
These filthy creatures you call friends won't,
Nay! can't help you!
With thier inability to focus on more then their own filth
encrusted lives for the few seconds you need from them.

If thou wilt be a begger
beg for death.
For all else is but a cruel joke.

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